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A Text Processor that Quiets the Chattering Monkey

I’m writing this on a new text processer called Ommwriter, which adds another entry to the list of immersive text editors that aim to remove distractions and simply put your writing front and center. Ommwriter goes further than most into focusing on the experience of writing itself. Like other apps, it opens full screen but also includes background music, keystroke sounds and an adjustable writing area.

The vision behind the app is solid and the the name, Ommwriter, really nails the meditative effect that’s created by the experience of writing with it. Just writing these couple of paragraphs has created a tranquil feeling, and the resulting text does feel like it’s being generated more organically than usual.

I don’t expect the experience of using Ommwriter will be for everybody, but for those seeking some zen with their writing it works remarkably well, probably because it doesn’t try to do too much outside the extraordinary atmospherics it creates. I’ll be coming back to this app for certain to see if it handles all writted content as well as it does short blog posts like this.

Ommwriter is in beta for Macs only. Invitations to the beta are open and can be easily obtained at the Ommwriter website.

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