Staying Focused in a Scattered World

My last post discussed the evils of multi-tasking; today I came across an article on the related probem of context switching. Many of us need to accomplish a wide variety of tasks in our work. Managing people, handling clients or customers, producing deliverables, conducting research – sometimes these are all part of the job. The problem is that the more different kinds of things we have to do, the more difficult it becomes to do each one.

I’ve been in a position lately where my work involves interaction design, analysis, web development and product development across a few different project areas and business units. It’s a real challenge to maintain an optimal level of performance in all these areas. I came across a possible solution in an article titled: Reclaim Focus, One Day at a Time. This article suggests chunking work by type and dedicating each day to each chunk. It’s an interesting idea. I’ll certainly be adding the source of the article, 99% to my reading list.

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