If You Don’t Enjoy it, Quit

There’s one problem with trying ot acquire habits – we often strive to acquire the wrong ones. Not that we try to pick up habits that are bad for us, or impossible to do. The problem is that we try to pick up habits that are good for us but that we will never enjoy.

Life is Too Short

That’s right – I’m advocating what feels good. I’ve found that when something feels wrong, it usually is. That’s not to say that everything I’ve accomplished has been easy – far from it. But even the most challenging habits should feel right, even when they are challenging. In fact, it’s the challenge of some tasks that makes them enjoyable.

Of course, not all pursuits can be enjoyed immediately. Sometimes the learning curve is too great or the initial challenge to strenuous. Over time those activities can become enjoyable though. How long can that take? Well I’m no expert but I would say that after four to six weeks of engaging in an activity habitually you should have an idea of whether you can enjoy it.

So if you’re trying to take up jogging, or reading science books or knitting and you’re just bored by the experience – give up. Quit. Try something else that will be rewarding and make you feel good. Because without enjoyment there’s no passion, and without passion the best you can hope for is mediocrity. That’s no way to fill the days that you have.

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