The First Fifteen Minutes

Upholding my commitment to 15 minutes a day on this blog has been difficult. On any particular day other matters intrude, other priorities seem more urgent, and even 15 minutes seems like a long time to be taking from other concerns. Worst of all, if I miss that day, I can’t just make it up the next day – this blog is developing 15 minutes at a time. Period.

So what I’m doing today, and hope to do every day, is commit the first fifteen minutes of my online day. I’m in front of my computer every day, usually at work. I can get to work fifteen minutes earlier. Or, while everybody else is checking their email, reading their favorite blogs and waiting for their PCs boot up (glad I work on a mac), I can be working on this blog.

I’ve learned this already: a habitual task not tied to a habitual time is difficult to maintain. When I think of the things I do on a regular basis, they almost all take place at a particular time of day, or at least a specific time relative to other tasks (first thing, right before bed, etc.) Some tasks I can throw on a list and trust I will complete them, but only if they are part of the same workflow as the rest of the tasks on the list.

Context switching is hard. Since posting to this blog takes place in a separate context than the rest of the day, I’m going to have to put it at its own time. That first fifteen minutes is my time and, dear readers, yours.

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