Software Timers

In my last post I talked about the benefit of timing tasks and the simplicity of do so – all you need is a simple egg timer and a piece of paper. Still, what kind of a netizen would I be if I couldn’t link up some more high tech timers? I’ve used a few software timers myself of which the following are a sample.

Minuteur is a great little egg timer and stopwatch; simple, elegant and flexible. There have been a couple of major updates since the last time I used this software so it should be even better now than what I remmember. The latest version costs 8 Euros (it’s by a French developer) but there is an earlier version available for download that is free. Mac onlhy.

Time Tracker is a web based timer that lets you create tasks and time each of them individually. Since it’s web based you have access to your task list from any computer with an internet connection. Time Tracker worked well for me for a long time. At some point I exceeded the maximum number of archived tasks that the system could handle, but the developer may have solved this problem by now. It’s worth taking for a spin anyway, especially since the service is free.

Klok is a feature rich timer and time tracking software. You can time tasks and assign them to projects and clients in order to track the time accordingly. Klok also helps you analyze your time by creating graphs based on the data it collects. Currently available in a free personal edition downloadable as an Adobe Air application for Mac and Windows.

Have fun giving these timers a try.

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