Personal Analytics with Me-trics

There’s online tools for measuring everything from your bank account to your blog stats and now me-trics (currently in beta) enters the space with a tool to measure…everything. That’s right, me-trics offers to measure your hours of sleep, twitter feeds, bank balance, mood level, and more. Most of these stats need to be entered manually but some, like Twitter followers and bookmarks the service offers to track automatically.

Unfortunately me-trics cannot yet deliver on its promise. I signed up for a beta account and have not yet been able to get much use out of the service. I haven’t been able to get automatic tracking to work and the system of separate surveys and tracking screens doesn’t quite offer an intuitive experience.

Even with a bunch of kinks to work out, me-trics is intriguing. If you can’t improve what you can’t measure, then being able to measure absolutely everything carries the promise of total personal improvement. I hope me-trics figures out a way to deliver on that idea, unless somebody else gets there first.

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