Owning Time

It’s a banner day for the productivity and creativity community: the 43 Folders podcast is back after a long hiatus. Merlin Mann has broken the silence with a podcast on the subjects of ganging and constraints. Without rehashing the podcast itself let me say that ganging and constraints are tactics that attack two sides of the same coin: owning your own time.

This blog was a small way for me to take back my time. I committed to owning 15 minutes every day to do nothing but blogging, right here. Fifteen minutes is not a big deal, but how often before had I avoided taking even a single minute in a day to doing something completely driven by my own desire to accomplish something? Most of my day is spent delivering on others’ expectations, nurturing relationships, taking care of obligations. That stuff is important, but unless it is held at bay it becomes all consuming, and then good luck carving out any time to pursue something else.

Merlin has some great advice (as usual) on how to take back your time and, more crucially, why doing so is necessary. The podcast was ten minutes and thirty-two seconds well spent for me.

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