What do I mean by work?

When I started this blog I made a commitment to working on it 15 minutes a day; but what does this work consist of? Writing posts? Improving the site? Coming up with ideas for future posts?

All this counts as work, but perhaps “work” is the wrong word since it implies that it’s not fun and is only done out of necessity. Perhaps a better word is “attention”. I am giving this blog my full attention for 15 minutes a day. 15 minutes where nothing else is taking up my time. If that means I’m staring at the blog page for 15 minutes then so be it.

I can’t guarantee quality, in this or anything else. The best I can do is focus on this project for the amount of time I’ve put aside and hope that the results are worthwhile. If nothing else I’ll most likely be better at this tomorrow than I am today. That’s the beauty of habitual action: proficiency increases like compound interest – at least up to a point – if you can maintain focus.

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