Time Management Tool: The Hit List

The folks at The Potion Factory have developed a Time Management application, now in public preview, called The Hit List. I’ve been using the app for a couple of weeks now and am seriously impressed with the design, feature set and overall philosophy behind it.

The Hit List is structured around lists as the basic framework, which works brilliantly with the Getting Things Done approach since David Allen’s program is also list based. Features include quick entry from any app, associating tasks with contexts and tags (contexts are really just a kind of tag), assigning start and due dates, and Today and Upcoming lists which aggregate tasks depending on when they start and end. These features are pretty standard and are shared by other apps like Things and Omnifocus.

The feature that sets The Hit List apart is the way you navigate around the application. Task creation, tag and context association, date setting, switching to different views and lists – all of this can be accessed through the keyboard. As a habitual user of Quicksilver in the past and now Launchbar (both for Mac) I love to be able to keep my hands on the keyboard. Total keyboard control of The Hit List makes it fast and fun for me to use and easy to jam through my workflow.

Another feature usually missing from apps like this that Hit List includes is a timer. Select a task and hit the “b” key and a small timer window pops up, visible on top of other windows, that shows that task and the time elapsed. In concert with Bubbletimer I’m hoping this will make it easy for me to track what I’m spending time on. As I look at the timer now I see that I’m at 13 minutes for this entry so I’ll wrap it up.

The Hit List is already a pleasure to use and should improve with a release version. Further features like upcoming iPhone integration could make it a best of breed app and even worth the $69.95 the Potion Factory is planning to charge.

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