Losing the Habit

Confession time: it’s been two weeks since I worked on this blog – after I made a commitment to putting in 15 minutes every day.

I Have a Good Excuse

Perhaps the best excuse: my first child, a son, was born 11 days ago. This has pretty much put a stop to life as I have known it so far. My job, social life, recreational activity, exercise: it all came to a halt about two weeks ago. Ths was by design: I knew that my family needed and deserved all my attention all the time.

So What Now?

Clearly things have changed irrevocably, but I’m hoping I’ll regain my equilibrium before too long. I’m hoping to pick back up habits I want to continue, even if I have to approach them differently. I’ll be trying to get back to maintaining this blog on a daily basis. Right now I’m typing this post with one hand so I can rock my boy back to sleep with the other. If that’s what it takes then so be it.

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