A Fistful of Ideas

Ideas are cheap, good execution is the tough part. Still, without an idea execution is impossible, so on that basis I’ll lay out some ideas I’ve had for this blog. Who knows, maybe I’ll even follow up on one of them.

  1. A month full of reviews of the same item: I have some favorite songs, books, movies, etc. and thought that it might be interesting to visit the same favorite every day for a month and write about what new or interesting views I had of it every day.
  2. A habit a month: This is one stolen from Zen Habits. I could start a new habit every month and report each day on its progress.
  3. Links: No link list on this blog right now; there’s some sites I really like that would be a good fit to put here somewhere.
  4. Fifteen minutes of fame: There are people I admire who deserve to be mentioned here. Actually they certainly deserve much more than that, but hey, I do what I can.

So there’s a few ideas, so cheap I threw them up here in less than fifteen minutes. If only doing something with them was as easy.

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