What to Expect

My method of producing this blog is pretty simple: fifteen minutes of work a day. But what’s the subject of my posts going to be? Short answer: the production process is the subject.

I’ll be posting about what it’s like to be working in this way and what the lessons learned have to say about my other interests such as productivity, technology, social networking, etc. At the core though this blog will be about what it takes to create this blog.

Recursive? Yes. Solipsistic? Perhaps. My hope is that this exercise will encourage me, and others, to overcome shyness, perfectionism and fear and start a creative project, any project, with the smallest investment possible.

Who is there that cannot afford 15 minutes a day to make something new? Surely even a completely failed endeavor is worth a lousy quarter of an hour if only for the value of the project as a learning experience. I’ll be sharing whatever lessons I can take from this blog. They’ll be archived here so I don’t forget them and if they help somebody else out there that’s a bonus.

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