Scheduling or Squeezing It In

There are two ways to accomplish a task: sheduling a time to work on it or doing it whenever seems convenient. I am a terrible planner and do usually fall into the second method. Case in point: after a full day without working on this blog I am now writing this post in bed on my iPhone.

Surely this is not the best way to handle a recurring task. For one, I’m reduced to inefficient method of writing this post (the wordpress iPhone app is cool, but still). Second, it would have been easy for me to collapse at the end of the day without remembering to post at all. Third, I’m precluded from tasks that might need more resources (and energy) than I have at my disposal right now.

Nonetheless, I’m certain that doing something imperfectly now is better than not doing it at all. Even an unplanned and ill executed task is a step forward in creating something and strengthens the habit of working on that project.

Still, tomorrow I’m going to make this blog the first item on my list rather than an afterthought. If nothing else at least I’ll know that I’ll have that 15 minutes at the end of the day for something really important like some extra sleep.

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