How important is priority setting? So far I’ve been able to work on this blog without any clear priorities. I’ve tackled some kind of task each day, whether it be writing a post or working on the site design or configuring the blog software. There’s been no real scheme to the timing what i’ve done when. So far it’s been enough to show up every day and just do something.

I have a feeling though that this slapdash approach may not work forever. In the future each task may lose urgency and require conscious priortization in order to become a reality. I’m dreading that day.

Truth is I’m not good at prioritization. Getting Things Done appealed to me because it focused on the context for tasks rather than their priority. I’m a project of any complexity or longevity though tasks surely must be ordered. My best hope is that this order will be emergent. That is, I’m counting on this blog letting me know what tasks require attention as the need arises, rather than planning out a long list if tasks beforehand.

All I’m holding myself to is my original mission for this work. I’m going to show up 15 minutes a day to do something, anything, to move this blog project forward. No planning, no priorities, just filling up the page with pixels one fifteen minute day at a time.

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